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Data for ML Teams

Leading ML teams use Refuel to label data on-demand – from creating initial training datasets to ongoing performance monitoring – saving 3 months per project, reducing labeling costs by 90% and improving ML model performance by up to 50%. 

Entity Resolution

We partner with teams solving challenging entity matching and linking problems – whether it is business entities, consumer data or digital records – used in KYB/KYC, fraud detection and data deduplication. 

Transaction Categorization

Fintechs, data providers and banks use Refuel to categorize transactions at scale, perform attribute and merchant enrichment and drive better outcomes for customers with better data. 

Information Extraction in Insurance

Underwriting and operations teams use Refuel to classify documents and extract information from a wide variety of policy, loss run and benefits documents, thereby reducing manual effort and costs by up to 90% and improving data quality. 

Product Catalog Enrichment

Marketplaces and e-commerce companies use Refuel for product categorization and attribute enrichment – leading to improved search rankings, and increase in sales, all with minimal engineering effort. 

Content Moderation

Social media companies, marketplaces and gaming platforms work with Refuel to detect hate speech, toxic content and misinformation and improve safety and user experience – Refuel is 80% cheaper than just manual review, and enables a 5x increase in throughput. 

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