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A photo of Rishabh Bhargava

Rishabh Bhargava

Prior to starting Refuel, Rishabh helped scale ML and data infra at Primer.ai and Datacoral (acquired by Cloudera).

He studied CS and AI at Stanford and Cambridge.
A photo of Nihit Desai

Nihit Desai

Prior to starting Refuel, Nihit led multiple ML teams for content integrity across Facebook products.

He studied CS and AI at Stanford, UIUC, and IIT-Madras.
A photo of Abhinav Naikawadi

Abhinav Naikawadi

Software Engineer
Abhinav previously worked as an ML Engineer at Uber on the Pickups/Dropoffs and Cognitive Computing teams.

He studied CS & AI at Cornell.
A photo of Dhruva Bansal

Dhruva Bansal

Software Engineer
Dhruva has scaled document understanding at DeepMind and automated Kiva configuration at Amazon Robotics.

He studied CS and AI at Stanford and Georgia Tech.
A photo of Sahil Yadav

Sahil Yadav

Software Engineer
Sahil has built distributed systems at scale, transforming data into insights. He was previously at Cloudera.

He studied at IIT Delhi.
A photo of Rajas Bansal

Rajas Bansal

Software Engineer
Rajas previously worked at Amazon and Cohesity. He's interested in using LLMs to build cool things and graph machine learning.

He studied CS at Stanford.
A photo of Derek Petersen

Derek Petersen

Software Engineer
Derek has driven software and product innovation at Lyft, Flipboard, StumbleUpon, and Apple.

He also pursues personal projects and open-source alternatives to popular services.

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