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Annotations to date
Months saved per project

Superhuman accuracy for every use case

Classification, entity resolution, extraction from documents – easy to get started with any use case, and powerful tools to achieve impressive quality
Several overlapping screenshots of the Refuel LLM user interface

Refuel LLM, the world’s first LLM purpose-built for data labeling and enrichment.

Confidence estimation to reduce hallucinations and hit 99%+ accuracy.

Feel like an expert on day 1

Working with LLMs shouldn’t feel hard. No prompt engineering, no tricks. Just describe your problem in natural language and provide feedback on LLM outputs. 

Simple interface to provide instructions to the LLM and APIs for programmatic access.

Refuel learns the right behavior with just a single example.

A GIF that demonstrates the sentiment analysis process on Refuel's user interface

The modern way to build AI applications

Data is the bedrock of all AI applications. Use Refuel to get the data you need in record time – and start building what your customers want today.
A "before" diagram showing that it could take 4 weeks to label 10,000 examples.

Get your data to a good great place with fast feedback loops.

1-click to deploy an application for real-time data requirements.

Built with enterprise-grade security in mind

Maintain full control over your data and choice of LLMs. Run Refuel in your own environments, so no one trains models on your data.

Industry-standard compliance for Refuel Cloud, with full audit logs.

Deploy Refuel within your own environment and scale easily to production traffic.

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Start labeling data in minutes.